"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was recently left off the guest list at her own son's Birthday Party, which her mother threw for her son. However, according to Jenelle, this "hurt Jace's feelings" and her mother doesn't care, as long as she can get back at her. The pair have had a strained relationship since Jace was born, mostly stemming from the fact that Jenelle's mother, Barbara, has been taking care of Jace since he was a little boy as his primary custodian. This is because Jenelle has been open about the fact that she has been addicted to heroin for quite a long time, and that she was unable to properly care for Jace.

However, now that Jenelle has her "life together," she feels as though she is owed time with her son.

Does Barbara really not care?

According to Jenelle, Barbara has deeply hurt Jace's feelings by leaving his mom off the guest list, but according to Jenelle Evans, she has no plans to invite her own mother to her own wedding either. Jenelle has explicitly stated that she's not interested in having her mother or her two siblings at the wedding, and instead will only be inviting close friends and some of David's family. Barbara has stated that this has hurt her incredibly badly, but Jenelle has not responded to her comments. It is quite bizarre, however, that Jenelle did expect for her mother to invite her to Jace's birthday party if she left her mom off of the guest list for her own wedding.

Clearly, not inviting his own grandmother to the wedding would also have an impact on Jace.

Planning her own birthday party

Jenelle is planning her own birthday party for her son, Jace, and it is likely she will attempt to outdo Barbara in a bid to make it even more memorable than the other. Jenelle will most likely also be leaving Barb off the guest list, as she did for her son Kaiser's birthday party last month when he turned three.

Although Jenelle isn't happy with Barbara "keeping" her son from her, the courts have intervened and have created a schedule that supposedly works well between the two women. It is like a schedule for divorced parents, where the two are able to pass Jace back and forth at specified intervals. Previously, Jenelle would simply ask to see Jace and Barbara would decide whether or not it was appropriate.

This often resulted in fighting between the pair and Jenelle accusing Barb of keeping Jace from her. Now, the pair's fighting is somewhat quelled as there is a schedule in place that they must stick to.