It looks as if the rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Drake dating can now be put to rest, as its been reported that the 47-year-old singer/actress and MLB star Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez have been dating for at least a couple of weeks. Online gossip site Lovebscott was told by a source close to Lopez that “she seems excited,” but that she is being cautious because she knows the former baseball player is a ladies man, even though he comes across as “dad” material. The source added that the actress is enjoying being single and dating him for now.

Alex Rodriguez dating 'stats'

The now retired baseball player turned FOX Sports analyst has some stats on the field and in the dating scene to flaunt. Since he divorced Cynthia Scurtis in 2008, he's dated Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson to name a few. The exclusive report by the media outlet said that the source revealed that Jennifer had been dating the former sports star for months rather than weeks since she found out through TMZ that Drake was going out with Rosee Divine back in January, a month after he was with J-Lo's family over Christmas. The “dad” in Alex that appears to put Jennifer Lopez at ease is the fact that he has two kids, Natasha (12) and Ella (8). His children are from his previous marriage with Scurtis.

Jennifer Lopez - Drake

The TMZ report over Drake's fling in Amsterdam took place in January, but Lopez was on Ellen in February getting “grilled” about the relationship, which the star seemed to dodge questions about.

Ellen DeGeneres asked her about Valentine's Day plans with the rapper – which had already passed – providing air quotes for her question about their business relationship. The way one article on USA Today put Ellen's question: “But you were songwriting with him, right 'songwriting'?” To which the star said that they did a song together.

When Ellen showed an image of the artists sitting together, Jennifer Lopez said that they were just hanging out.

Not afraid of dating or being single

While on Ellen, she also said that despite what many have said about her taking a liking to dating younger men, that it didn't matter what their age was and that she was attracted to their spirit and their soul. Jennifer Lopez has been making the rounds on other shows such as "The Daily Show" and "Watch What Happens Live" to promote her new season of "Shades of Blue" with co-star Ray Liotta. On Andy Cohen's show, she was asked about more "pressing" issues such as whether she would be getting together with Marc Anthony again, who she was with from 2004 - 2014.

She said that they were both fine the way they were which is a change of tune from where she was in 2014 after splitting with Marc Anthony. At the time she said in an interview on the "Today" show with Maria Shriver that she was scared of being single. As noted earlier, in case her relationship with Alex Rodriguez doesn't pan out, Jennifer Lopez is taking it all in stride.