Jenelle Evans has worked very hard to turn her life around. For years, Jenelle made one bad decision after another. She stole her mother's credit card and went to New Jersey with her then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp. She's been engaged several times to guys who try to control her, and she's claimed she's been abused several times. Evans married a drug addict and became addicted to heroin herself. Needless to say, this "Teen Mom 2" star is very controversial and she's learned not to care about what people are saying about her.

However, she should be worried about what people are saying about her relationship with Jace, as the rumors could affect her in court.

Evans has been fighting to get custody of her son back, but her mother continues to shut down her attempts. She claims that Jenelle's home isn't good for Jace, as Evans and David Eason will yell at each other.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans recently gushed about how happy she was and how excited she was about the future, but people were concerned about Jace's well-being. On "Teen Mom 2," viewers learned that Jace had been violent with Barbara and had hit her.

Concerns about abuse

Fans of the show are now concerned that Jace himself is being exposed to physical abuse. One fan even pointed the finger at David, hinting that perhaps he has an abusive way of disciplining the kids.

"Abusers can seem great.

They display an image of being the perfect guy. But He seems SO overly nice to Jace on camera, it's really not looking genuine. I'm concerned about abuse occurring behind closed doors," one person pointed out to on Jenelle's Instagram.

Of course, it should be mentioned that there has been no evidence of abuse. While Evans and David may yell at one another when they fight, there has been no evidence that Jace has been subjected to physical abuse.

Barbara's accusations true?

Barbara Evans has revealed that she's concerned about signing back custody of Jace because she doesn't want to subject him to abuse. She doesn't want him to be mad at her for putting him in that situation. Even if Jace hasn't been hit before, fans speculate that he may be acting out because he sees David and Jenelle fighting.

If this is the case, then it makes sense that a judge doesn't want to hand back custody to Evans.

What do you think about people's guesses that perhaps Jace may have seen abuse? Do you think David Eason is getting a bad reputation because he's cold towards Barbara?