The summer of 2017 has been a hot one indeed. For 'Game of Thrones' fans the heat wave came from multiple directions, the action itself as well as from controversies about some leaked episodes prior to their official airing date. But, then came the cold feeling from the North as the action slowly shifted to beyond the Wall. With the Army of the Dead gathering numerous forces that threaten to annihilate all of Westeros, some unnatural alliances are strongly needed. Trying to bury the hatchet of war between Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow posed himself as the leader of a suicidal mission to capture the ultimate proof.

What this upcoming episode may bring

For a 'Game of Thrones' addict, the name of the final episode of the Season 7 may give some clues about how the action will end. While the Dragon is the symbol of House Targaryen, the Wolf is the symbol of House Stark. One of the ending scenes of the sixth episode pictured Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen having a tense, emotional moment once Jon recovered from another near-death experience. There were so many emotions involved in that scene that it's fair to speculate that their alliance is alive and well. Moreover, Jon seemed eager to bend his knee, but his physical condition prevented him from doing so. Thus, we have a pact between the true heir to the Iron Throne and the King of the North.

It would be interesting to watch the way House Lannister will fit into this picture.

It's hard to believe that Cersei Lannister will accept a long-lasting peace treaty with Daenerys Targaryen as their interest diverge. What is curious is that the action is no longer focused on King's Landing, Westeros' capital. Another interesting facet is how Tyrion and Daenerys will maintain their partnership.

Some theories are putting Tyrion Lannister at the center of a plot targeting Daenerys.

Winterfell is a strange place to be

With Bran Stark emerging as the three-eyed raven, House Stark has been divided by the growing conflict opposing Arya and Sansa. Ned Stark's daughters are having troubles to find some common ground in between.

While Sansa is under Littlefinger's guidance, Arya is trying to figure out things on her own using her new-acquired tricks.

Trying to save the entire land of Westeros from extinction, Jon Snow's decision to seek a new alliance with Daenerys may also represent the tomb stone of House Stark and by extension, Winterfell's fortress. Littlefinger's aspirations may also contribute to the disaster.