Jenelle Evans has been fighting for custody of her son Jace for years. When he was born, Jenelle signed over the custodial rights to her mother Barbara in hopes that she could take care of him while Jenelle found a job, secured health insurance, and found a place to live. Not only did Jenelle get her mother's help to satisfy these criteria, but she also experienced some ups and downs that delayed this entire process. Perhaps Barbara feels resentful as her daughter is taking her time and getting settled.

It has now been seven years and Jenelle is getting married in less than a month.

She's also had two additional children who love spending time with their brother. One can imagine that Jenelle wants her son back more than anything, but her mother is making it very difficult. The courts are involved and the courts have sided with Barbara and keeping Jace with her. It sounds like the courts also reminded Barbara that the main goal is to get Jace back to his mother. Jenelle now has scheduled time with her son and she could not be more excited. Barbara can no longer keep Jace away from his mother.

Is David bad for Jace?

But Barbara keeps arguing that it is not the best thing for Jace to be with Jenelle. As it turns out, she's under the belief that Jace absolutely hates staying at Jenelle's house because of Jenelle's future husband, David Eason.

Barbara believes that David is very aggressive and they yell at Jace. David has no problem yelling at Barbara and for some reason, she believes that this behavior is also applicable to Jace.

Interestingly, Jace tells Barbara that he does not want to live with his mother.

He tells her that he wants to stay with Barbara. It sounds like Jace is just telling people exactly what they want to hear and he has yet to truly reveal what he really wants.

One can imagine that all he wants is peace between his mother and his grandmother. One can imagine that it is tough for him to see them fight constantly and being asked to pick sides.

One can imagine that he really misses his mother, as he is not lived with her since he was born. But Barbara keeps using the fact that he will no longer see his friends or go to Boy Scouts if he moves in with his mom. This may be something that he does not want to let go. He is torn because he's constantly getting conflicting messages from his family.

She’s not concerned about her son’s comments about Eason

Perhaps this is why Jenelle Evans is not too concerned about what Jace is saying in regards to David. She knows that Jace will say whatever he thinks Barbara wants to hear, which includes mean things about. Perhaps living with Barbara all of these years has confused him as to what he really wants.

One can imagine that he does want both Barbara and his mother in his life, and he would probably be even better if they got along so the focus was on him as a child.

One can imagine that you know Evans will go back to court in hopes of getting her son back once again. It is possible that the judge will grant her full custody in a couple of years when she has proven that she is capable of taking care of him and raising him in his daily household.

Barbara keeps using Jenelle's past behavior as a way to keep custody of the boy, but at one point her past mistakes won't be enough to convince a judge. One can imagine that it helps to have Kaiser and Ensley in her care as this proves that Jenelle is more than capable of being a mother.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans not worrying about what Jace is saying about David Eason?