Leah Messer has been trying to change her life for the past couple of months, as she has suffered from serious depression and anxiety. Of course, Messer is going through quite a bit on "Teen Mom 2" as she's one of the only cast members who is raising a child with special needs. One can imagine that it is quite a handful to deal with Ali's disability on top of two divorces and a new wife with Corey Simms. But Leah has revealed that she wants to live a positive life and she's often preaching about how she is doing much better these days.

Over the past couple of weeks, Messer has often issued quotes or statements that reveal how she wants to live a positive life and be happy with who she is.

Over the weekend, she attended the VMAs with her other "Teen Mom" stars and it looked like they had a blast. But while Leah was sharing pictures from the red carpet, people are struggling in Texas with a massive storm called Harvey. Many celebrities have reached out to get people to donate money to the relief fund, as thousands of people still need to be rescued from Houston and surrounding areas. But Leah didn’t seem to use her fame to bring attention to the charities in hopes of getting people to donate money to the relief fund.

Followers not happy

Instead of trying to help out, Leah Messer was essentially slammed by some of her fans, who believed that she was using her fame for all the wrong reasons.

Even though it is exciting that her daughters are starting school soon, some fans believed that she should have done more to bring awareness to the storm relief efforts that are underway in Texas. Thousands of people are currently without a home and shelters are now packed with families who don't know where to go. Thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, are being raised by celebrities

"Still have yet to see any of the Teen Moms using their platform to encourage people to help the Hurricane Harvey victims....

c'mon guys" one follower wrote on one of Leah's posts.

Maci Bookout steps up

But it sounds like Leah Messer has no interest in raising money. She’s not the only "Teen Mom" star who hasn't said anything about the relief efforts. In fact, the only person who is encouraging people to raise money is Maci Bookout. But she hasn't written a tweet herself asking people to donate money.

She did, however, share a retweet that stated that if people had $100 to buy access to the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor earlier this week, they had $10 to donate via text message to people in need. One could hope that she herself has donated $10.

What do you think about the Leah Messer being criticized for focusing on her daughters and the VMAs instead of tweeting about the storm?