Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" is no stranger to the court system. The mom of three has had several brushes with the law, most of which were related to drug charges. Most of the men Jenelle has dated have also been convicted of crimes, mostly to do with domestic violence or drug charges. Her latest beau, David Eason, is no exception and has narrowly escaped a 60-day sentence for violating a court order to stay away from his ex and his son, Kaden. Although the father of three has primary custodianship over his eldest daughter, Maryssa, he is not allowed in any way to see his son, which has caused a rift in his family after his sister stayed friends with Kaden's mother.

Violating court order

David Eason had been ordered to stay away from his ex and mother of his son, Kaden. He was also ordered to have no contact with the child. This came after he allegedly beat and choked his ex while she was pregnant, which resulted in the court order. David violated it after spotting his son and Baby Mama at the grocery store and came running over to the pair. He hugged his son, which is in contempt of the law. Because of this, he was supposed to go to jail for 60 days as a punishment for his violation. While he has not been cleared of the charges completely, he at least won't have to be in jail for the next 60 days, which would mean he would be behind bars for his wedding.

Free for his wedding date

Although Jenelle Evans has been engaged five times, it appears the fifth time is the charm as she is finally planning to walk down the aisle with David Eason. The one snag, however, was that had he been ordered to serve his time in jail, he would be incarcerated during the date of their wedding, which is next month.

Thankfully for Jenelle and her beau, he made it out by the skin of his teeth, and if he has to go to jail for violating the order it will be after he's a married man.

Jenelle has stated that she is planning on having a simple southern wedding on her property, and she will be inviting close friends only. She has made the call not to invite her mother, Barbra, to the wedding, which has caused some serious issues with her mother.

The pair has been angry with each other for the past several years as they have argued over custody of Jenelle's eldest son, Jace, whom Jenelle signed custody of over to Barbara when she was just a teenager. Jenelle feels it is high time Barb gave Jace back to her, but unfortunately, the court system doesn't agree with Jenelle.