Jake Paul was the person of choice for the host of the 2017 Teen Choice Awards and took the opportunity to apologize for his recent behavior. Fans of the show were not happy to see Paul hosting and shared their opinions vocally through social media. Jake got the chance to perform his diss track on the show and is receiving severe backlash for his choice to perform it.

The YouTuber took the chance to apologize for his recent actions as he received his award

According to Seventeen, Jake Paul has apologized for his recent behavior at the Teen Choice Awards last night.

Jake Paul won the award for Choice YouTuber at the Teen Choice Awards and was presented with the surfboard by his current girlfriend Erika Costell. Paul took to the stage and as he accepted the award, he talked about his recent behavior and publicly apologized.

Paul stated that the past few months have opened his eyes to his behavior and he explained that in the future he needs to be more mindful of his words and actions. This comes after Jake Paul's neighbors revealed that he was a nightmare to live next to as he set furniture on fire in a pool and leaked his address to his fans.

Earlier this month Jake Paul also revealed his racist side as he told a fan from Kazakhstani that he sounded as if he was going to blow something up.

Paul has also been criticized for his xenophobic comments on his YouTube channel and his former classmates came after him on Twitter after he revealed a diss track stating that he was bullied in high school.

According to Bustle, it was actually Jake Paul who was the bully during high school as he used to grab other student’s book bags and throw them in the trash.

His former classmates have come forward and stated that he used to be loud and aggressive with one stating that he could not believe his 5th-grade bully was now a sensational star.

Viewers of the Teen Choice Awards were not happy to see YouTuber Jake Paul as the show's host

In a report by Bustle, viewers of the Teen Choice Awards were not happy with the show's choice of Jake Paul as the 2017 host.

They took to Twitter to share their disgust that the YouTuber was hosting the show and celebrated when he accidentally dropped his mic and fell over during a performance.

One viewer, in particular, was calling for the Teen Choice Awards to drop Jake Paul as their host as she explained that he was racist, sexist and a bully. Paul got the chance to sing his diss track live at the event and viewers were infuriated that the bully was given a platform to pretend that he was the victim.

Jake Paul has not made a comment about the public criticism though the star must be well used to it over the past few months.