Jacqueline Laurita has been a part of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" from the very beginning. She was one of the original housewives that started the franchise 10 years ago. However, Jacqueline left the show because she had gotten involved with some drama in relation to Teresa Giudice’s legal case and she felt betrayed by her friend because she wasn't being honest with her.

At the same time, Laurita was also dealing with some supposed tax issues herself and fans guessed that perhaps she did not want these issues to be discussed in public. Even though Laurita was quick to attack Teresa for her many troubles and her fraud case, it sounds like Jacqueline’s husband Chris also dealt with a bankruptcy case in relation to a failed business.

However, Jacqueline Laurita feels that these two cases were completely different and could not be compared.

Legal issues remain unsolved

Last season, Jacqueline returned to the show to see if there was a chance that she and Teresa could make peace. For a long time, Laurita had been very defensive and she realized that she needed to make peace with Teresa to get some peace within herself. However, she quickly realized that Teresa was not interested in talking about the past and she wasn't talking about her case that had landed her in prison.

In the final scene of the season, Jacqueline had tried to meet up with Teresa and Melissa to talk about their issues, but she stormed off in a car and they never got to talk things out.

The perfect cliffhanger

It was the perfect cliffhanger for this current season as fans want to see if Jacqueline was ready to give it one more shot. But based on her Twitter activity, it sounds like Jacquline is done with the show and she has no interest in returning. In addition, she’s essentially revealing that it is possible that she'll never return to the show.

In the tweet, she shared, according to Bravo, she thanks fans for the past seven seasons and for the past 10 years. She also wrote that it was nice getting to know these ladies and the fans, but said that her time had now come to an end and she wants to leave the drama behind her.

"Thank you for all of your sweet tweets of support!

I love you all too! XOXO!" Jacqueline tweeted. "It was great getting to know you all the past 7 seasons & 10 years."

Of course, Jacqueline is also dealing with something at home. She is raising a son with autism and she has revealed that it is quite hard on the family. They have invested in many resources and time into getting him the help he needs. They have also listed their family home, and it is currently on the market. It sounds like they want to downsize so they can continue his treatments.

What do you think about Jacqueline Laurita leaving the show behind for good?