Kailyn Lowry just gave birth to her third child out of wedlock. She failed to realize the implications of having a sexual relationship with schoolmate chris lopez. The “Teen Mom 2” star revealed that she overestimated the seriousness of her relationship with Lopez.

The mother of three boys did not see that her partner in bringing her third son into the world is not serious about fatherhood. Lowry was hesitant in disclosing the identity of her son’s father. The underlying reason is that she is unsure herself.

Chris Lopez is not keen on being a father to his son

Lowry failed to secure a father for her newborn son. She opted to have another baby with Lopez despite their shaky relationship. She missed the importance of parenthood by giving birth again outside of marriage.

After she gave birth, Chris Lopez helped her with buying diapers and bottle feeding as reported by In Touch. He was present inside the delivery room, fetched her from the hospital and brought her home. But Lopez’s obligation just ended right there because Lowry has not seen any desire from him to father his son until he grows up.

The mother of Lincoln Marroquin, tired of the uncertainty of her relationship with Lopez, has reportedly thought of giving up on him as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

Lowry, despite her strong personality, has shown her fear of going through life with three dependent children.

The author of “Hustle and Heart,” Love is Bubblegum,” and “Pride Over Pity” had a turbulent life being a mother at a young age and left behind by the men she loved. The “Teen Mom 2” cast member had a son, Isaac, with Jo Rivera.

She married a military man Javi Marroquin and had a son with him, Lincoln, but their brief marriage ended in divorce. Then she met Chris Lopez had a fling with him and ended up with another son.

Lowry fears taking care of three sons alone

The 25-year-old mom has been looking for love, but every time, she ended up having a son.

The prospect of a difficult life being a single mom is real for her, but like the rest of her co-stars in their show, they end up happy with their kids.

She shares Lincoln with Javi Marroquin and has settled in a set-up that is best for their son. He visits his son whenever he is out of duty. At present, he has reportedly found a new love. Jo Rivera is ever supportive of his son, and he and Kailyn Lowry are in a platonic relationship right now. With Lopez, nothing is certain, but she can only hope for the best.