Cole Sprouse is an actor on the hit Netflix original series "Riverdale" and has responded to the recently released poster of the show. Sprouse blasted the designer of the poster publicly online and fans were shocked by his response. The name of the designer has not been released and the Tweet is believed to have been published all in good fun.

The 'Riverdale' star lets his opinions be known

According to Teen Vogue, the latest "Riverdale" trailer has been released and Cole Sprouse has had some choice things to say about the design. The poster features the main characters of the show in the foreground with Cheryl Blossom taking the center of the gang.

The nighttime sky is behind them while Pops stands to the side with the letters "DIE" highlighted from the word "DINER."

Sprouse tweeted out almost immediately after the poster for season 2 of "Riverdale" was released and stated that he was willing to pay the creator of the poster for necessary Photoshop lessons. While there is nothing evidently wrong with the poster, some fans were not impressed by Cole Sprouse dissing the reveal so close to its release.

It appears that while Sprouse may have some issues with the season 2 poster for the show but he was happy with the trailer for season 2 of "Riverdale." The actor immediately retweeted the trailer to share it with his fans on Twitter and did not leave any comments about the quality of the trailer.

Fan shared their opinions on social media

According to Buzzfeed, fans have shared their own opinions on Cole Sprouse's response on Twitter. Some of the "Riverdale" fans found Sprouse's tweet hilarious. One fan shared an image of Sprouse as his character Jughead on the show and stated that this was what the star looked like when he saw the new poster.

Other fans have shared gifs of the actor including ones which date back to Sprouse's role of the hit Disney Channel show "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody." Many fans have called out Cole Sprouse for his shade by calling out the designer so publicly and some have expressed that they feel sorry for however it is who designed the poster.

However, due to the nature of Cole Sprouse's comedic edge, many fans have not taken his comment as one of spite but rather as one to incite laughter. For all, they know Sprouse could be friends with the designed and could be joking with the person. There has been no further information released about the designer of the poster and Sprouse has not commented any further on the creation.

Since Cole Sprouse has not removed the tweet or issued an apology, fans are assuming that the shady tweet was all in good nature and that the designer was not personally offended.