Chip Gaines has revealed that he is returning for a fifth season of "Fixer Upper" later this year on HGTV. The couple has been filming the show and they are excited to reveal brand-new homes to couples who are willing to take a chance on their "Fixer Upper" skills. Chip has revealed that he is excited about this upcoming season and he has revealed that he feels he has the best job in the world, possibly because he gets to work with his wife.

In addition to working with his wife, one can imagine that Chip loves his job because he gets to goof around and dance around at the construction sites.

It sounds like he has a blast working with his wife and enjoys their time together. However, it also sounds like he may have some self-confidence issues when it comes to how he looks on TV.

Are his insecurities real?

"Once a design assistant, always a design assistant. I've got the best job in the world! #fixerupper#season5iscoming," Chip has written on Twitter, but he also added, "Watching myself on tv is really sad.. cause I look chubby, & maybe that's because I am chubby. But I'm just happier not knowing it, you know."

One can imagine that many people feel insecure after watching themselves on television. They put their entire lives on television and they open themselves up to be judged by many people.

Luckily for Chip, it sounds like his marriage to Joanna Gaines is strong and she enjoys his goofy ways of doing things. It doesn't hurt that the show thrives because of the way they are together.

He still feels he has the best job in the world

However, Chip Gaines is now revealing that despite having the best show in the world, he still has insecurities.

On Twitter, he revealed that it is downright sad to watch himself on the show because he feels he looks chubby. He explains that he may just be in denial about his looks but prefers to keep himself in the dark, as he doesn't want to deal with the truth. Chip Gaines is clearly joking here and it sounds like he's not letting his insecurities take over.

Many fans may enjoy watching chip on television because he is a true representation of what a man should be. If he was completely buffed and working on the construction site, some fans may question whether he was truly skilled at this job or whether he was trying to use the television show to perhaps gain a modeling contract somewhere. The fact that he is the chubby star with a personality and charm does not hurt one bit.

What do you think about the way Chip Gaines looks on "Fixer Upper?" Are you surprised that he's feeling insecure about the way he looks on television?