Joanna Gaines recently gave those who stress over fashion and style a little peace of mind in knowing celebrities have the same problem. Gaines took to Instagram to share a picture of a cluster of her V-neck shirts she was hanging up and putting away. The problem? She made a bit of a dawning realization about herself as she put her clothing away.

She has a limited sense of style

The “Fixer Upper” star realized she doesn’t do a lot of branching out when it comes to her sense of style. In fact, she discovered her entire wardrobe for a week’s time consisted of grey-blue button down shirts and gray V-necks.

In the caption of the photo on Instagram, Gaines noted that anyone who saw her more than once in the same week would likely assume she was “basically wearing the same outfit” all of the time.

She used hashtags like “#dontjudge and #illtakeoneineverycolor to shine a light on the fact that you shouldn’t really judge someone who appears to be wearing the same thing every day. After all, they could be just like Joanna and have a lot of the same type of shirts or pants because of how much they like them. Have you ever liked a piece of clothing enough to buy it in more than one color?

Despite having a limited and monochromatic sense of style, Joanna Gaines appeared to receive nothing but positive feedback from those who opted to leave comments on her Instagram picture.

Her followers noted that she shouldn’t care what other people thought about what she was wearing. Some even commented on the fact that “really smart people” tended to wear the same type of clothing on a regular basis. Is her limited sense of fashion that big of a deal? Her fans certainly didn’t seem to think so.

Joanna and her husband have been in the spotlight for a while now

“Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip have been making headlines a lot lately given the heated lawsuit between Chip and their former business partners. Chip’s former business partners recently filed a lawsuit against the “Fixer Upper” couple for a million dollars claiming Chip had snaked the Magnolia Realty business out from under them right before the value of it skyrocketed.

The ex-partners reveal Chip and Joanna purchased their share of the business for $5,000 because they believed the business wasn’t going anywhere. This all went down just as the couple was signing on with HGTV to air the pilot episode of what is now one of the more popular shows to air on the network.

Joanna and Chip Gaines have never been very flashy when it comes to fashion and sense of style. This, however, has never made their fans dislike them. If anything, it has made them love Chip and Joanna even more.