Sonja Morgan loves her Townhouse on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. On "The Real Housewives of New York," Sonja is constantly gushing about how much she absolutely loves her home, and she worked hard to keep it. On previous seasons of "The Real Housewives of New York," Morgan revealed that she struggled with the bankruptcy case that nearly left her homeless. Morgan was forced to sell her properties around the world and even got some help from her friends to get out of the bankruptcy case that resulted in her owing millions of dollars.

Sonja revealed that she almost lost her townhouse because she needed the money that the townhouse was worth to pay off her investors.

Sonja has since put the bankruptcy case behind her, as she has paid off her creditors. But it sounds like the townhouse hasn't been touched for years, as she hasn't been able to afford a renovation.

In need of an update

Fans who follow Sonja Morgan on "The Real Housewives of New York" have noticed that Sonja may be living in the past. It is clear that Morgan is upset about how her relationship with her former husband, John Adams Morgan, played out over time, and she often talked about how she still needed her spousal support settlement from him.

For a long time, Sonja had a picture of him hanging on the wall from when they were married. Her co-stars were shocked that she would not take it down after their divorce, but Morgan liked what her previous marriage represented in her life.

It also sounds like her townhouse is a complete representation of what they enjoyed when they were living together. The townhouse screams like it is in need of a makeover, as soon as

The townhouse screams like it is in need of a makeover, as the home is not exactly updated or carry many modern pictures or design features. Perhaps this is the way that Morgan likes her home, but fans have ideas as to how her townhouse can get an update and still look chic.

An online makeover

This website calls decided to give Sonja Morgan's townhouse several makeovers, while still keeping the style that she likes. Hopefully, Morgan will explore some of these options and give herself the interior makeover that she deserves. Her co-star and friend, Ramona Singer, recently did her apartment after her divorce from Mario Singer.

She wanted a brand-new look to represent her single life and her apartment looks great. Morgan should be inspired by her friend's action and do the same for herself as she moves on from the bankruptcy case.

In addition to that, Sonja is now dating several guys and she has clearly moved on from her failed marriage to her ex-husband John. Perhaps it is the time that her home starts reflecting where she's living now and where she is in her life, instead of her former marriage to a man who refused to give her spousal support.

What do you think about the makeover suggestions from the Modsy website? Do you think Sonja would pursue some of these changes and perhaps give herself the makeover that she deserves?