Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer has been single for a couple of years now and she's been very open and honest about her successes and her failures in personal relationships. On “Teen Mom 2," Leah has gotten married twice and divorced twice, possibly due to cheating and depression.

As it turns out, Leah may not have given up on the idea of getting married again, but she may be done having children. Over the past couple of months, she has hinted that she's completely done with dating and she was done with children. Whenever it was brought up that she should get a boyfriend, she would shut down the idea.

Marriage on the brain?

However, it sounds like Leah Messer may be open to the idea once again, as she recently retweeted a picture of a newlywed couple. As it turns out, the thought of getting married again may be exciting to Leah, as she did not want to get divorced from her second husband, Jeremy. She was ready to fight for the relationship despite going through a depression. However, he struggled to stick around, as he felt she had changed since they had first gotten married.

She was married to Corey Simms since she had gotten pregnant with twins, and she married Jeremy Calvert after having dated him for a while.

Why things went bad in the first place

While Corey ended up divorcing Leah after she had possibly cheated, Jeremy was the one who filed for divorce from Leah because he felt that she had changed.

When they had gotten married, she was happy and excited about life, but they got divorced when she struggled with her depression and anxiety. Messer eventually got professional help and she has turned her life around completely, which has resulted in them being able to have a friendship and to be able to co-parent her daughter, Adalynn.

Even though Leah hasn't expressed an interest in dating on "Teen Mom 2," it sounds like she may be open to the idea after retweeting this picture of two people getting married. Perhaps she misses the idea of having a steady relationship, a partner who she can rely on, and perhaps building a relationship with someone. On "Teen Mom 2," she keeps saying that she doesn't even want a boyfriend, but that may change if she stays single for a long time.

At some point, one can imagine that her daughters want her back in the dating game.

What do you think about Leah Messer not wanting to date anyone these days? Do you think that she wants to get married again one day if she finds someone new?