Putting up a business has been mastered by the enterprising couple that hosts HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” The new addition to their list of businesses is a 100-year-old restaurant located in Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna Gaines are regular customers of the joint and when they learned that the establishment was for sale, they agreed to renovate and redesign it.

The HGTV network’s stars are doing well flipping homes and managing their businesses. They have a bakery business and now ventured into a restaurant business. They named it "Magnolia Table", according to Liftable.

'Fixer Upper' hosts to open a new business venture

"Magnolia" is the couple’s brand name. Among Chip and Joanna’s many ventures are "Magnolia Silos," a boutique that also markets online, "Magnolia Realty," their real estate agency dealing with homes in Dallas, San Antonio, and "Austin and Magnolia Homes," their high-end home renovation business. They also publish the "Magnolia Journal," a home improvement magazine. Joanna has a blog called "Magnolia." They also own the "Magnolia Home," where guests can stay for $695 per night and they sell interior paints.

The couple revealed that they want to preserve the historical aspect of the establishment which was opened in 1919. They will continue offering breakfast and lunch at the joint.

After the renovation work, the business will be opened before the year ends. The Gaines family will offer their signature burger, the Gaines Brothers Burger, Farm Eggs Benedict, Chip’s famous Ham Sandwich and home baked pies.

According to Today, Joanna and her husband want their customers to feel welcomed and think that they have a place at the table.

The couple is a regular customer of the Elite Café but the establishment was closed last year. This is why the husband and wife team agreed to buy the business and renovate it the same way as they do in “Fixer Upper.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines show is a free business publicity

The Elite Café is a historical landmark in Waco, Texas where the couple resides.

They want to retain the century-old wall and redecorate it. With the fame Chip and Joanna Gaines enjoy through their show, they can expect famous people to visit them.

Because of their various businesses and their television show “Fixer Upper,” where they earn $30,000/episode, the couple's cash flow is constant. The couple has a net worth $5 million. They are likely to soon double their wealth considering the way they add up to their investments. Joanna Gaines will appear in the “Fixer Upper” spin-off titled “Fixer Upper: Behind the Design.” It will be shown along with the series’ fifth season later this year.