The Bachelorette star rachel lindsay is head over heels in love with her final man, Bryan Abasolo, but that doesn’t mean she’s rushing to start a family with him. Previous reports by a source for Life & Style magazine have stated that Rachel has had baby fever ever since her sister gave birth to her second child earlier this year and that Bryan, who’s 37 years old, is also in a rush to “get the ball rolling” with the baby making. A source even revealed that “The Bachelorette” star is already talking baby names with her fiancé.

But now, Gossip Cop has debunked the rumors about Rachel Lindsay and her biological clock.

The celebrity gossip site has revealed that Rachel, 31, is in no rush to get pregnant and that she plans to wait until after she marries Bryan to even think about having a baby. Not only that, but Rachel and Bryan’s wedding could be as far as 18 months off, so baby Abasolo is likely at least two years away.

When will Rachel and Bryan get married?

During a recent appearance on the morning chatfest, “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo revealed their plans for a winter wedding sometime in late 2018 or even in early 2019. The bride-to-be joked that because she’s from Texas she has to have a winter wedding. In addition, Rachel previously talked to Extra about her future plans for a family with Abasolo, a Miami chiropractor, and it is clear the couple has discussed having a family someday.

Rachel revealed that she wants four kids and Bryan wants three, but they agreed to see how they how they feel about the subject after they have their first baby.

Paw of approval

Of course,”Bachelorette” fans know that Rachel Lindsay already has a “baby” in her life-- her beloved dog Copper. According to Brides magazine, Rachel revealed that Copper, who was seen during her first one-on-one date with runner-up Peter Kraus (they went to Barkfest!), has given her fiancé Bryan his “paw of approval.” Rachel also revealed that Copper will be involved in her wedding to Bryan in some way and that she already has her dog’s bow tie ready for him to wear.

As for that winter wedding for the most recent “Bachelorette” star, there is no word yet if Rachel and Brian’s ceremony will be televised by ABC, although the network would likely jump at the chance to host the nuptials of the franchise’s first African American lead.

The next season of “The Bachelor” returns to ABC in January 2018.