The trailer of the sci-fi drama, “Inhumans,” has just released and it shows the conflict among the members of the Royal Family and also gives a glimpse into their superpowers. What's more, the lead actors of the TV show have teased plenty of details about the upcoming series and going by their words, one can easily expect a lot of twists, suspense, action and fun in the show.

Marvel’s superheroes caught in critical conflict

The trailer of “Inhumans” shows the Royal Family of the superheroes facing a crisis in their lives. They are facing a survival threat and the story revolves around this very struggle to live against the odds.

The trailer takes a look at the superpowers possessed by the family members and brings forth Black Bolt, the head of the clan whose voice can cause destruction with a slight utterance. Then there is his wife, Medusa, who has superpowers residing in her crowning glory and Bolt’s cousin Gorgon who can unleash seismic waves with his hooves.

However, the family is going through tough times, and showrunner Scott Buck has also shed light on this theme. In an interview, he said that they are telling the story of a family that is in trouble and when the audiences meet them, they will find that almost everything that this family has ever known faces risk.

"Inhumans" are a group of alien-human super-beings who have discovered their superpowers with the help of terrigenesis, but a military coup forced them to flee to Hawaii where they have to live with the humans without giving their identity away.

“Inhumans” cast teases intriguing drama in the TV series

Ahead of the IMAX premiere of the TV Marvel series, lead actors Anson Mount and Serinda Swan have thrown light on some interesting details. Swan has said that the show does not have any clear hero or villain as the "Inhumans" see the humans as a threat and vice-versa. There is no way to tell the good and the evil as it is about duality.

Speaking of Medusa, her powerful hair has been the hot topic of discussion but it is not like she has only her crowning glory to do the action. She is a fighter trainer and therefore, she will be seen doing action depending on the situation. As for Black Bolt, Anson Mount has said that his character does not speak much as his voice can wreak destruction and Mount believes that Bolt enjoys keeping silent. Also, Mount said that the pup Lockjaw will be loved by children as he is there in the show to provide comic relief.