Since Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie “The Batman” has been in the news, people have doubted whether or not Ben Affleck would play the Caped Crusader in the film. It is now being said in recent reports that the actor will not play the superhero in the film, and the makers are, in fact, currently looking for a new actor. Also, the movie will be set outside the Dc Extended Universe and the makers are looking for a new actor to play Batman in the standalone film.

'The Batman' to be a standalone film

In a recent report, Matt Reeves was quoted as saying that “The Batman” would be an exclusive movie set in a different universe and it would not have any connection with the DC Extended Universe.

Also, Warner Brothers recently announced their decision to make movies outside the DCEU and give the movies a distinct label. The proposed film on The Joker was a project under this very category that was announced recently. For this very film as well, the makers have decided not to take Jared Leto to play the iconic villain and are looking to cast a new actor. This further makes it all the more likely that Affleck would no longer act in Reeves’ film.

However, fans would see him in “Justice League” playing the Caped Crusader and its reshooting is going on at a brisk pace. In fact, Affleck was reported to be saying that he was enjoying working in the movie and he also affirmed that the reshoot has gotten things right and he has a strong feeling that things would work out quite well at the end.

Casey Affleck hinted at brother’s non-involvement

Another reason Ben Affleck’s non-involvement in “The Batman” seems probable is that his brother Casey Affleck recently expressed wonder at the ignorance of media about his brother’s plans. He said that he was surprised that the media did not know about Ben not being a part of Matt Reeves’ project.

Though Casey later joked about what he had said, chances of Ben Affleck not doing the movie are quite strong as the actor has never confirmed that he is a part of the project.

As for “The Batman,” the film was announced in 2014 by Warner Bros. and it was said that Ben Affleck would reprise the Caped Crusader in the film. A year later, it was announced that Ben would also direct the movie.

However, it was in January 2017, that the actor stepped down as the director and in February, Matt Reeves was confirmed as the new director who said that the film will explore the detective side of Batman.