Nicki Reed and Ian Somerhalder got married back in 2015 and this year they welcomed their first daughter to the world. The parents took to social media to announce both the pregnancy and the birth of their daughter. The couple explained that they are taking a month away from the media and the outside world to spend as much time with their daughter as possible.

The pair announced their pregnancy in May

According to The Sun, Ian Somerhalder and Nicki Reed made the announcement that they were expecting their first baby back in May of 2017. The made the announcement through social media and posted a picture of Ian Somerhalder kissing Nicki Reed's pregnant belly.

It has been confirmed that Reed gave birth to their child last month and that the pair wanted to have a month of silence following their baby's birth.

It has been confirmed that the baby's name is Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder and fans are swooning over the unique name of the very first Somerhalder baby. Much about their pregnancy was kept under wraps and fans were delighted to be given the name of the baby. Reed has explained that this is the last piece of information that the parents are giving to the media before having a month tucked away with their new daughter.

The month of silence

According to E! News, Ian Somerhalder, and Nicki Reed wanted to have a month of silence after the birth of their baby.

Reed explained this to be a time when they turn off their phones and do not take any visitors into their homes. The idea is that the couple and new parents will get to really be present for the first thirty days of their child's life.

Ian Somerhalder has made a statement about the month of silence in which he states that this time for their daughter and the new parents is extremely important to them.

He posted to Instagram to announce the birth of his daughter and left a final message before turning away from the online world. In this message, he expressed that he has never seen something more beautiful and powerful than his child entering this world.

He went on to explain that he wanted to spend this important time with his family, just the three of them, as they watch their baby grow.

Ian was extremely excited to be a father and has expressed this through his social media. However, it appears that both he and his wife have gone incognito as they share in the joy of their newborn child.

There has been no further comment from either Nicki Reed or Ian Somerhalder as they have disappeared to spend some quality time with their child.