On "The Young and the Restless," Hilary Curtis has just made a powerful enemy and is about to face the wrath of Victoria Newman scorned. "G.C. Buzz" may be taking the fall that many believed was waiting for "Brash and Sassy."

Hell hath no fury like Victoria scorned

Victoria Newman has not been herself in recent weeks. In the business world, she is becoming as ruthless as her father. In her personal life, Ben Hochman, however, told Phyllis that the ice princess was actually a wild cat in the bedroom. Vicky has been having mood swings going from hot to cold and making irrational decisions.

Hilary found out about one of her indiscretions, and now everyone knows.

Ms. Curtis overheard Victoria arguing with Ben, and recorded her saying she wished she never spent the night with him. Hilary ran the video on G.C.Buzz, and now everyone is aware of the interlude between the two business moguls. Ms. Newman was also heard talking about Ben trying to take over her company, so this is a double whammy. If Hilary believed she simply aired Newman dirty laundry, she is mistaken.

Hell hath no fury like Victoria Newman scorned and Vicky is most definitely turning into her father's daughter. Spoiler alerts indicate that she will go after Hilary with guns a blazing. Hurricane Hilary will downsize to a tropical storm when the Newmans are finished with her.

It is a given that Victor will put in his two cents, whether his daughter likes it or not.

The Newman power will be felt

Hilary has never truly experienced being blackballed by the power of the Newmans. In addition to dealing with Victoria and possibly Victor, there is also Nick. He is still fuming because Hilary ran the footage of his fight with his father.

Ms. Curtis may find herself losing advertisers or having G.C. Buzz, ripped right out of her hands. She could find herself unemployable, and worse because Vicky is so unpredictable lately, she and Hilary may end up in a catfight.

Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on CBS to find out how Victoria exacts her revenge on Hurricane Hilary. Keep looking for spoiler alerts to find out in advance how Ms.

Curtis will respond. Hilary is a woman who does not heed warnings very well. She will have to feel some pain before she pays attention. Because she does not listen, she is going to feel the extreme discomfort associated with crossing a Newman.

Hilary Curtis is overdue for a big fall. She has been pushing her weight around Genoa City and acting like she runs the town. She has indeed met her match with Victoria Newman and now will find out what it's like to have someone push back against her unethical methods.