Mark Ruffalo was one of many show business figures impacted by the career of Jerry Lewis. So he was one of many to pay tribute to the comedian after news of his death spread on Sunday. His tweet was simple, but it could have also been surprising to those who don't see Ruffalo as being much of a comedian. It just goes to show the number of people that the comedian affected during his 91 years.

Ruffalo pays tribute

Ruffalo took to Twitter to express his condolences about Lewis' death. That shows how important this moment was, as the actor usually reserves that space for discussing his causes.

For the second straight day, he used it as a platform to mourn over a lost comedian. He also retweeted a tribute from Tulsi Gabbart, a member of the House of Representatives.

Interestingly, Ruffalo didn't personally post anything about the passing of Dick Gregory, though he did retweet some of the words of others. One would think that there would be a stronger connection there, as Gregory virtually abandoned his comedy career to join the civil rights fight in the country; Ruffalo is very into activist causes, especially those concerning global warming and the climate.

But if his performances in "The Kids Are All Right" and "Infinitely Polar Bear" are any indication, Lewis would be proud to include him among the comedy ranks.

Others remember Jerry Lewis

Ruffalo was one of a plethora of celebrities who took to Twitter to share their feelings about the passing of Jerry Lewis. "Ace Ventura" actor Jim Carrey called him an "undeniable genius" and stated that he wouldn't be where he's at in his career without Lewis clearing the way.

Ellen DeGeneres called him an "icon." Danny Trejo claimed that the comic was unique. Meanwhile, Lewis Black claimed that there was something oddly religious about both Lewis and Gregory passing away during the same week.

Lewis was best known for being part of the Martin and Lewis comedy team, which brought slapstick humor to mainstream audiences.

After a falling out with Dean Martin, the New Jersey native went into a Hollywood career, which included memorable roles such as "The Nutty Professor" and "The Bellboy." He also served as the chairman for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, hosting a telethon to raise money for the associate for nearly half a century. His most recent live performance was about nine months ago, showing that he was making audiences laugh until the end.