Hit movie series “The Hunger Games” stunned viewers with their amazing terrains, and soon, fans can experience them. The entertainment company behind the film recently announced that a Hunger Games theme park is in the works, E! Online reported.

According to E! News, the theme park will allow visitors to explore the fictitious locations in the movie. These locations include the Capitol, District 12, and the area of the Reaping.

Lionsgate Entertainment Company, the production group behind the film franchise stated that the Hunger Games theme park will be opened in South Korea.

The company has reportedly started to venture in the construction of theme parks.

Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate chief executive officer told E! News that they are partnering with Landing International, one of Asia’s leading developers as it constructs the much-awaited theme park in one of their entertainment destinations.

In South Korea

According to the report, the theme park inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s world might be part of the Lionsgate Movie World. It is reportedly a theme park in South Korea that welcomes visitors to locations inspired by its creations. The 1.3-million-square-foot space will soon welcome a new attraction on their map, the Hunger Games park.

The film company told E! News that the Lionsgate Movie World will comprise various zones that will house many of its movies.

The area has been associated with the Jeju Shinhwa World, a luxury resort situated on Jeju Island, a piece of land off Korea’s mainland.

The park will reportedly include actual movie scenes, along with other attractions. These scenes will include various rides, four-dimensional streets, cities, restaurants, shopping venues and entertainment shows.

The Hunger Games-inspired park will reportedly open at Jeju Shinhwa World in 2019. Meanwhile, the film company told the entertainment website that construction will commence next year.

‘Twlight’ theme park

The film company is also opening another attraction based on another hit film they made, “Twilight.” The vampire story series will be included in the list of their projects as well.

There will also be “Robin Hood” and “Now You See Me” areas in 2018, the report added.

As it opens a few years from now, the upcoming attraction will join several others that are inspired by hit movies, such as the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Florida and California, and Disneyland in various locations in the world, the article further noted.