Although the end of "Supernatural" is not here yet, the show has been going on for so long, the stars are comfortable enough to talk about the ending, and how would they want to end it. For the fandom, this is rather a dark topic that is better left unsaid, but as all things "forbidden", it makes this discussion even more intriguing. All over fan fictions there have been hundreds of ways for "Supernatural" to end, ranging from everything being nothing but a dream, a big "what if" because Sam never went with Dean when John was missing for a few days on a hunting trip, to the classical Sam and Dean dying on a hunt.

However, the story becomes a bit more complicated when the actual Sam and Dean Winchester start to reveal their ideas about how to end it all.

The ending of the show according to Jensen

Jensen Ackles may not have the final word on how it will all end, but he and the show runners themselves are keen on a finale where either Sam dies or both brothers say their goodbyes. In all possible ending scenarios that Jensen is insisting on shooting include at least Sam dying; basically, there exists no scenario where Sam survives the ending. Just a few days ago at Comic Con, Jensen went from having plans and feelings about how "Supernatural" should end to, having full on dreams about it. He revealed at Comic Con that he had a very vivid dream about the show's ending.

Jensen Ackles said that in his dream that he was alone somewhere in the middle of America, had parked his iconic Impala in the middle of the intersection. Apparently, this was taking place after Sam had died in a big showdown, and Dean was left all alone.

Dean had just gotten out of the car and was just staring off into the distance and suddenly a guy on a motor bike appeared from nowhere.

He never got to see his face since he had a helmet on, but Dean goes over to him and handles him the keys to the Impala, while the guy hands him the keys to his motorbike. The mysterious motor bike drives into the Impala and drives off to the distance until he disappears. Dean does not need the extra seat the Impala had any more, so there is no need for it.

The ending of the show according to Jared

This dream made the crew, cast, and the fandom shiver because it was a reminder of how quickly the end may be coming. Jared Padalecki, on the other hand, feels like he will be losing forever a friend, someone he has shared too many moments with. He shares the same opinion with Jensen up until some point but has some other ideas as well. He does not want for the brothers to quit the hunting life since that is who they are now, but he also does not want only one of them to die, due to the fact that the other will find some way to resurrect the dead (and we have proof that is true since it has happened several times). Furthermore, Jared Padalecki stated that he wants the brothers to end things in a legendary way, appropriate for a legendary journey.