Dylan Sprouse became known to the world as the character of Zach on "The Suite Life of Zach And Cody." The series ended over six years ago and while his brother Cole has returned to acting with his new show "Riverdale", Dylan did not want to return as quickly as his twin did. However, Dylan has recently announced that he will be returning to acting as he has signed on for an indie movie titled "Carte Blanche."

The actor announced his return to acting

According to AP, Dylan Sprouse has announced he is returning to acting. It has been six years since fans of Dylan have seen the actor as he took a break from the profession to get a college degree.

Sprouse has released the news through social media by posting an image to an Instagram.

The actor revealed that he will be starring in an indie movie titled "Carte Blanche." According to Teen Vogue, the photograph that Dylan Sprouse released was one of the actors with the crew of the indie movie. Fans have reacted strongly to the picture as they have been waiting for Dylan to return to acting for quite some time.

Sprouse revealed the photograph to his fans on Sunday, July 30th. According to TV Line, the actor will be starring alongside Jake Kilmer in "Carte Blanche".

This is the first actor's movie in six years

Dylan Sprouse's first movie was titled "Dismissed" and it was not a live action motion picture.

His only experience in the film industry has been starring on "The Suite of Zach and Cody" and the movie spin off of the series titled "Suite Life Movie." This is certainly an exciting time in the young actor's life as he heads back out into the limelight with his first movie role in six years.

Teen Vogue has confirmed that this will only be the actor's second live action movie.

The director of "Carte Blanche", Eva Doležalová, has been sharing pictures of Dylan Sprouse through her social media showing the actor live and in action. No official footage of the movie has been as of yet but fans have been freaking out at the behind the scenes photographs the cast of the movie has been sharing online.

According to Cosmopolitan, not much is known about the movie "Carte Blanche." However, the role Dylan has taken on is apparently starkly different to the role his brother has on the Netflix original series "Riverdale." This has fans wondering what kind of character Sprouse will be portraying onscreen.

No official release date has been confirmed for the movie however, it appears that "Carte Blanche" is still in its primary stages as they are currently filming.