Halsey has recently come forward, shared her experience of her Miscarriage, and has explained that she hates being reminded of one of her worst experiences. She shared her story in order for other girls out there to know that there is someone who was in their situation and came through it. Halsey has shared that when she went through the miscarriage she was scared and alone and wanted to express that to the media.

The star stated that she was scared and alone at the time of her miscarriage

According to the Daily Mail, Halsey has recently come forward about the miscarriage that she suffered when she was only 20 and claimed that she was scared and alone when it happened.

Halsey stated that she had no one to talk to when she suffered the miscarriage.

The star stated how she googled miscarriage and could not relate to any of the stories online. She stated that every time she found a story about a miscarriage that it was about a married woman who suffered the loss. She explained that every day there are single people who go through this kind of thing alone and that it is never explored in the media.

Halsey claims that she did not know any other artists who went through the same thing as her. She stated that she had no one to ask how long they went before going back on tour or how long it took them for their hormones to rebalance. Halsey claims that she came forward to share her story to raise awareness for the women who experience miscarriages who are in a similar situation to the one she was in.

The celebrity does not want to be constantly reminded of her miscarriage.

According to Page Six, Halsey has stated that she is sick of being reminded about her miscarriage and that the media is constantly reminding her of one of the most difficult times in her life. She stated that as soon as she has her first child she knows that the media will celebrate her successful pregnancy and compare it to her miscarriage.

Halsey has explained that she does not want her future happy memories to be constantly compared to one of the worst memories of her life. The star explained that her personal experience is why she is a strong advocate for Planned Parenthood and has donated $100,000 to the cause.

Halsey faced major backlash at the time she donated the huge sum of money to the organization.

She has recently come forward and explained that she hates the negative stigma that surrounds women who chose to have abortions or who are addicted to drugs and chose to terminate the pregnancy.

The star suffered her miscarriage in 2016 and has stated that the media is still reporting on the incident.