Hailey Baldwin may have just dissed Selena Gomez on Twitter. Following news of Gomez's relationship with The Weeknd, which has recently landed the new couple in Italy, Baldwin took to Twitter where she suggested that Gomez couldn't possibly be any cuter than her amazing friend Bella Hadid.

"Wait sorry, WHO could possibly be cuter than [Bella Hadid] .... literally nobody," Baldwin wrote on her Twitter page on January 31.

As fans may know, Hadid and The Weeknd dated for two years before parting ways in November. Weeks later, he and Gomez were spotted kissing one another outside of a Los Angeles restaurant and in the weeks that have followed, they were seen a couple more times in Southern California before embarking on a romantic vacation to Europe.

Hailey Baldwin has a long history with Selena Gomez

Although Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez have never been involved in a confirmed public feud, rumors regarding potential tension between the women have been swirling for years due to their involvement with Justin Bieber. So, if Baldwin's tweet about Hadid was aimed at Gomez, fans wouldn't be too surprised.

Following Gomez's years-long relationship with Bieber, he moved on with Baldwin and the two enjoyed a vacation with his family during the 2015 holiday season. At the time, Bieber seemed focused on the model but months later, as he embarked on his Purpose World Tour, he suddenly turned his focus toward Gomez and publicly shared a throwback photo of the two of them kissing on his Instagram page.

After Bieber's post of Gomez, he and Baldwin reunited. However, their relationship never became exclusive and ultimately, he was linked to several other female Celebrities, including Nicola Peltz and Kourtney Kardashian.

Hailey Baldwin is close friends with Bella Hadid

As Gomez and The Weeknd continue to spend time with one another in Europe, Hadid is said to be heartbroken, and while she hasn't confirmed such, her friend Baldwin would likely be at her side to support her if that were the case.