A new character will be introduced in "Grey’s Anatomy" season 14, and she will be “interesting and controversial,” according to one of its stars, Giacomo Giannioti. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Giannotti, who plays Andrew DeLuca, revealed that the latest character would not only play the part of the additional doctor at Grey Sloan but more significantly, she plays his sister, Carina.

EW reports that the part will be portrayed by Stefania Spampinato, an Italian actress who has appeared as Paola in USA’s tv series, “Satisfaction.” Spampinato’s character, Carina DeLuca, had been engaged in a multi-episode arc, EW further revealed.

Nightmare situation for Andrew

Giannotti shared to EW that in the latest season of "Grey’s Anatomy," his character Andrew will be “more fleshed out” as his sister arrives from Italy. He added that it would be a “nightmare situation” for him as new dynamics arise with Carina as part of the hospital.

Carina’s profession in the medical field will be “interesting and controversial, ” and this will make Andrew uncomfortable and frustrated. Giannotti also told “Entertainment Tonight” that her sister’s profession is going to keep lots of the doctors “on their toes.” Although, what it is exactly is still a secret.

Giannini further said to ET that the European background of his sister and her take on medicine would “stir things up.”

Dr. Andrew Deluca’s backstory will be revealed

One of the main reasons why Andrew’s sister was added to the series was to tell DeLuca’s backstory.

Carina DeLuca will reveal Andrew’s story and how he came from Italy, according to Gianniotti. Who else can talk with authority about your past than a close family member, right?

Now that would be really uncomfortable not to mention potentially embarrassing. We just hope it will not cause a medical emergency.

Gianniotti also told Entertainment Tonight that viewers would get to see the siblings “exchanging some blows in Italian.

” He said that it would please the medical series’ Italian fans, especially in Italy where the show is popular.

Giannioti, who was born in Rome, told ET that he is excited to dust off his Italian for television.

Who is Stefania Spampinato?

Information from IMDB shows that Stefania Spampinato was born in Catania, Sicily but she grew up in the small town of Belpasso.

At the early age of 6, she began to learn dancing and moved on to have a “very successful career in dance and theater that lasted over ten years, according to her bio.

Giacomo Gianniotti described Spampinato to ET as lovely and that she would be “a great new addition” to the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy season 14 is scheduled to air its two-hour premiere, Sept. 28 on ABC.