Twilight” movie star Robert Pattinson is happily engaged to FKA Twigs. Kristen Stewart’s ex-boyfriend was recently spotted with singer Katy Perry and there are rumors that they both are secretly dating.

Both Robert and Katy were recently photographed sitting next to each other as they dined with their mutual friends. The leaked picture showed them engaging in some sort of conversation, which apparently they both seemed to enjoy.

Robert and Katy’s dinner date

A report from TMZ revealed that the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” movie hunk was spotted with Katy Perry at the Sunset Tower Hotel in California.

Their article was accompanied by a picture that fueled the dating rumors as both of them were looking pleased to be in each other’s company.

This is apparently not for the first time that rumors have surfaced that Robert has intimate feelings for Katy. Prior to this, Daily Mail reported that "Robert flirts with close pal Katy Perry."

Hotel fired their staff for the leak

The Sunset Tower Hotel in California, the place where Rob and Katy were photographed, has fired three of their servers.

According to Page Six, the servers were not suspected of having taken the picture but were fired on the grounds of the company’s policy of not allowing photographs to be taken.

An insider revealed that the servers were fired because they failed to protect the privacy of the stars when the photos were taken.

Robert’s take on Katy Perry

Shortly after ending his high profile romance with Kristen Stewart, Pattinson started dating FKA Twigs. The duo later announced their engagement but are yet to settle on a wedding date.

The delay in their marriage has caused many online rumors suggesting a rift in their relationship. Many fans have even speculated that Rob was too young when he decided to settle down with Twigs and now he is having second thoughts.

After the recent reports surfaced from TMZ that suggested an alleged affair between Pattinson and Perry, Gossip Cop checked on with the actor’s close sources and confirmed that the actor is not cheating on Twigs.

The news outlet further confirmed that the Rob and Katy dined together with their mutual friends. and there are times when they are joined by the actor's fiancé.

It is probably safe to say that for now there probably is nothing going on between Pattinson and Perry. The “Twilight” movie star is currently busy with the filming of “Damsel,” and fans are expecting that he will announce his wedding date by the end of this year.