sheryl sandberg chose her first song; it was “empowering Run the World” by Beyonce. Sheryl Sandberg said that they started telling the young girls that they should not initiate leadership at very young ages; while they told the boys even at very young ages that they were supposed to lead and that was a big mistake.

She also believed that everybody had an inbuilt ability to lead and they should have let the public to that thing not on the basis of their gender but on the basis of their personality and on their future.

In one of her sentimental interviews, Ms.Sheryl Sandberg also told about her husband’s sudden death in the year 2015.

She spoke about the effect of her husband’s death on her two little kids. She told about how much she and her children cried. Sheryl Sandberg’s book named as “Lean in” made headlines in the year 2013.

The book was about the empowerment of the women in the workplace. The book became the world’s best seller; however, some people also criticized it for being unrealistic, elitist, etc. for a lot of females who were not in a privileged position.

Sheryl Sandberg’s sayings in her speeches:

In one of her interviews, Sheryl Sandberg requested for more work to be done on the rights of women and to reduce the gender gap between males and females. She said that the women should be paid well.

She said that after her husband’s (Dave Goldberg) death, she considered herself to be a completely different person.

She told that he was found on the gym’s floor and had a head injury. He had a heart attack before that on the weekend. She called herself to be sadder after the death of her husband.

She also said that she became empathetic to a greater extent and she allowed the Facebook employees to take double the amount of time to be off whenever any of their family members died immediately.

She believed that it was the foremost thing to support the people around you and to build up their confidence and appreciate them to work.

Sheryl Sandberg’s chosen novel:

Sheryl Sandberg chose the book named "A Wrinkle in Time". This book is a scientific novel and there is a lot of fantasy in it. She told that she offered the people to take some time off when they wanted to take rest.

Someone asked her about the meeting with Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary.

They had a discussion related to the action of Facebook against terrorism. She replied that they were oriented toward their goals. She also talked about the complicated conversations related to the encrypted messages.