British actor Ed Skrein will no longer be appearing in the “Hellboy” reboot as he has left the project after getting to know about the Japanese American ethnicity of the comic book character Ben Daimio. He announced his decision through a long post that he shared on Twitter where he explained his motive behind the decision. Ever since this post became public, he has been getting a lot of praise for his thoughtful act, and even the producers have applauded him for his unselfish act. What is more, they have affirmed the casting of a new actor for the role and also said that it would be more in line with the source material.

Ed Skrein all for representation of ethnic diversity

The 34-year-old actor issued a public statement on social media explaining his decision to leave the role. In his post, Skrein made it clear that when he accepted the role of Major Ben Daimio, he was not aware that the comic book character belonged to a mixed Asian heritage. He also acknowledged the backlash his casting had created and said that it led him to realize that representation of the said character in a culturally accurate manner mattered to the people and if it were neglected, it would continue the disingenuous practice of disregarding ethnic minority voices. He also disclosed that he comes from a mixed heritage.

Hollywood praises Skrein’s decision

As soon as Skrein made his decision known, he became the toast of social media with commoners and his colleagues appreciating his brave stand through effusive tweets. While Jessica Henwick termed his decision “Immense.” Ming-Na Wen of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” fame said that Skrein was a rockstar and also expressed hope about the producers making a morally and ethnically recasting.

Mike Mignola, the creator of the comic book character also lauded the actor. David Harbour, who is playing the lead role in “Hellboy” reboot also thanked Skrein for doing what was right.

Producers did not intend to hurt ethnic minority sentiments

The producers of the reboot Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon have also confirmed Skrein’s exit from the reboot.

They said that the actor had come to them as he felt very strongly about the furor and that they fully supported him. The duo also declared that they would cast a fresh face in the role and the recasting would be consistent with the source material. They also made it clear that they had no intention to ignore the issues of ethnicity and authenticity.