On "General Hospital, Samantha Morgan has carried a chip on her shoulder for years where Franco is concerned. While others cut him some slack after it was determined a brain tumor caused his psychotic actions, Sam has refused. She continues to hold on to the fact that he allowed Jason to wrongly believed she was raped. This week, however, according to spoiler alerts all of that may be changing,

Sam may be singing a different tune now

Sam was critical of Franco and insisted she did not believe his past actions were the result of a brain tumor, but now things are different.

Sam herself just experienced a rough few months because she had encephalitis, which is an infection in the brain. During the time she was ill, Mrs. Morgan had hallucinations where she saw Sonny taunting her. She believed he was telling her that Jason was never going to leave the mob or stop working for him. Sam became so out of control that she shot Sonny and pushed him down into a hole and left him to die.

Now that she has received proper treatment Ms. Morgan is healing, but still dealing with the consequences of her actions. Spoiler alerts tell us that she will have Franco on her mind this week, and also a conversation with Elizabeth. More than likely Samantha is processing her actions while the infection was coursing through her brain.

She may now be singing a different tune and view some things in a different light. Sam might confide in Liz that she has a better understanding of things, and even apologize for her attitude towards the man Ms. Weber is in love with.

Could Sam ever apologize to Franco himself

It's one thing for Samantha Morgan to share with Jason and or Elizabeth that she may have been wrong about Franco, but could she ever apologize to the man himself?

Now that she has had her own experiences with not being in full control of her actions, Sam is able to relate to and understand that Franco may not have willfully intended to hurt her, or any of his victims.

"General Hospital" fans are savvy enough to realize that Sam and Jason will never become best friends with Elizabeth and Franco.

There is, however, the possibility that a truce can take place. If Sam is honest with herself and shares with Jason, the two of them may soften just a little. Should Samantha be truthful with Liz, it may open the door for her at least to let that chip fall from her shoulder. Perhaps now viewers will not have to endure the hatred in Sam's eyes and the apprehension she exudes each time she is near Franco. If they can all get along this would be great for little Jake whom they all love.