There are only a few ''Game of Thrones'' characters who can brag about having an exponential evolution throughout the seasons. Definitely, Daenerys Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and the last of her house has been constantly at the center core of the most intriguing actions. The HBO production has another mind-boggling feature by fuelling a constant feeling of insecurity and the idea that no one is safe and out of danger regardless of appearances. Although that trend has slowed down in the most recent episodes, it's still there in the corners of the mind.

It would take something extraordinary to have Daenerys Targaryen killed but it's not impossible.

The one thing that ''Game of Thrones'' complexity fueled is a cornucopia of theories and plot-twists.a When you're in possession of a few strong narrative threads that interact with one another, it's easy to play around with different theories and possible future scenarios and it's getting harder to anticipate the real outcome. It's like playing chess while tampering with its basic rules.

Daenerys seems an untouchable character in 'Game of Thrones'

Although she is now in a position of power and control, Daenerys Targaryen had her fair share of tight moments. Given the current state of affairs, it's hard to imagine her being killed even though Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime may have a different opinion.

The Lannnisters are planning to use their estranged brother Tyrion as leverage against Daenerys. Although Jon Snow is making huge efforts to create an alliance between House Lannister and the last Targaryen, Daenerys is likely to avoid the trap. It would be a poor end for a high-calibre character. The treason part might as well be left outside as Daenerys is surrounded by loyal aides.

What's left then? The biggest threat may come from her soft spot, her dragons, or at least one of them.

Bran Stark and his unique set of skills

Let's project the scene somewhere into the future in a moment when Daenerys' ambition will diverge to that of Bran and House Stark by extension. Is there any reason why Bran cannot control Daenerys' dragons?

. His skills seem to apply to all, people and all living beings. Of course, the dragon's inner fire won't harm Daenerys but a powerful jaw of Drogon could shred Daenerys into pieces in a matter of seconds. It's a wild theory, but it's also a valid one given the available data.