''Game of Thrones'', one of the best HBO TV series ever created is through its seventh season. As the action keeps on spreading so does the danger of total annihilation. Whether it's about the ongoing war within Westeros land or the fast-uprising White Walkers from the far North, at the core of the plot stands two characters, namely Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The first episodes of the seventh season marked their first-time collision, each one of them doing the best to protect their interests and by extension, their people. Taking place at Dragonstone, Stannis' former castle and the place from where Daenerys is starting her campaign to conquer the Iron Throne, the first two meetings between Jon and Daenerys have a potential for a further development.

Not knowing each other directly for too long, each one of them is pursuing their own goal without making too many concessions.

Jon wants the North to be safe, Daenerys crave for the Iron Throne

Making a name for himself while defending the Wall as a Night's Watch sworn brother, Jon Snow is entitled to organize the further defense of the Realm after he fought against the army of the dead and the White Walkers. Setting the basis of a historical alliance between Winterfell and the people behind the Wall, he is considered the King of the North and the only one capable to lead the people throughout the Long Night. Asking Daenerys for help was a bold move highly criticized by his own people.

On the other side, Daenerys crossed the Narrow Sea with only one goal in mind which is to capture the Iron Throne as she apparently has a legitimate claim as the last living of Targaryen's dynasty.

As her huge and eclectic armed force might be enough to conquer the King's Landing, Daenerys is looking for a different strategy trying to become a queen of the people, instead of using raw and possibly unnecessary force.

Jon and Daenerys would make a fierce couple

In the South, Cersei Lannister seems to have found the perfect ally as Euron Greyjoy's fleet gives an improbable upper hand consolidating the Lannister's reign over the Narrow Sea.

If Jon Snow's relation with Daenerys will go into a new phase with both trusting each other, it's possible to have another eye-catching wedding by the end of this season. Thus, Season 7 of Game of Thrones could consolidate two different sides while the third one representing the death from the North may try to overtake power.