There is no doubt that 2017 will be the year that anthology series’ make a mark on a global audience. The format has long been shelved for the more commercially viable options such as sit-coms or mockumentaries, but networks and streaming services alike seem to have seen the light of day, and are now investing heavily in the medium. Anthologies first made a mark on television audiences with the critically-acclaimed series “The Twilight Zone”. “Black Mirror” managed to play a major role in reviving the long forgotten format, and after the success of the British series, we now see loads of anthology shows rushing to the small screen for our viewing pleasure.

Amazon recently announced their latest contribution to this sub-genre of television, and it sounds quite fascinating!

Electric Dreams

The Source Material that will inspire Amazon’s upcoming show “Electric Dreams” will be a series of short stories penned by legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. Amazon has already adapted Dick’s work in their successful alternative history, period-drama “The Man In The High Castle”. “Electric Dreams” will feature 10-standalone episodes during its first season, and some exciting names have been tied to the series so far.

“Game Of Thrones” star Richard Madden and “The Borgais” star Holliday Grainger will be appearing in an episode that has been titled “The Hood Maker”.

Some of the other famous actors who will appear in the series include Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin, Steve Buscemi and Greg Kinnear. Bryan Cranston, Michael Dinner and Ronald D. Moore will be the executive producers of this series.

The Hood Maker

The premise of the episode starring Madden and Grainger has also been released, allowing us to get a glimpse into the kind of show “Electric Dreams” will shape up to be.

The episode has been written by Matthew Graham (co-creator of “Life On Mars”) and Julian Jarrold, and will be set in an ancient world that is inhabited with telepathic mutants. These mutants use their abilities in order to communicate over long distances across the planet, but their presence starts worrying normal people co-inhabiting this world.

In order to protect themselves from the telepaths, people resort to using hoods that block their thoughts from any interceptions. As this new technology is unexplored in this world, two detectives (played by Madden and Grainger) are brought into in order to investigate the event.

The story sounds utterly original, as is the case of any work created by Philip K. Dick, and it should be extremely interesting to watch this adaptation play out during the course of an episode. The details of this story will also raise curiosity regarding the other wild tales that could be explored during the course of the show. Stay tuned right here for more details on “Electric Dreams” as this story develops.