Bran Stark has always been one of the most mysterious characters in "Game of Thrones." But in the recent episodes, we discovered that there is something off about him. First, he was acting all weird around Sansa in episode 3, then he showed no signs of excitement about seeing Arya either. On top of that, we had that farewell scene between Bran and Meera Reed. And with all this in mind, we can't help but wonder, what is wrong with this kid?

Bran with his sisters

In a failed attempt to explain his situation to Sansa, Bran mentioned how he is the Three-eyed Raven now and that he can see visions and everything that has ever happened to anyone.

He also said how he can only see pieces and fragments which further implies that Bran himself doesn't know what he is capable of. But it still doesn't explain why he didn't show any sympathy for his sister. And his comment about how she looked beautiful the night Ramsey raped her was just out of place.

Then, in "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 4 there was a slight improvement when he saw Arya. He hugged her back and gave her the Valyrian Steel dagger, but he was still weird. This, along with the fact that the reunion between Arya and Sansa wasn't filled with emotions either, makes me believe there wasn't a strong bond between the Stark children in the first place. But one thing is certain. It's going to be an entirely different story when Jon Snow reunites with Bran and Arya.

Bran and Meera

Now let's talk about Bran's behavior when Meera Reed came to say goodbye. After everything they have been through, a cruel, " I don't need you anymore" and a simple "Thank you." almost brought poor Meera to tears. But in the end, Bran does give a proper explanation by saying how he is not really Brandon Stark anymore because he has the memories of so many people now.

Also, Isaac Hampstead Wright, the actor who plays Bran, explained the whole situation further in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He said that "Bran is existing in thousands of planes of existence at any one time. And that it’s quite difficult for him to have any kind of semblance of personality anymore because he’s really like a giant computer." This is confirmed in the scene with Littlefinger when Bran said "Chaos is a ladder," the very line Littlefinger said to Varys in the throne room back in Season three.

So given all that has been said, it's time to give little Bran a break. After all, he is the Three-eyed Raven now, and the destiny of humankind is in his hands, so he doesn't have time for warm reunions and heartbreaking goodbyes.