Through the passage of time, our media has become more bold and direct. The time we saw "Tom and Jerry" for our entertainment has long gone. The "Cartoon Network" days are over. Now as the technology and the wonders are revealing themselves, new problems and dilemmas are increasing. One of those is bullying. Prohibiting bullying is the core point of the hit season. But as time passed by we saw many Controversies originate.

Controversy following '13 reasons why'

One of the producers of this season was Selena Gomez herself following her own coping with depression.

Although she has answered the controversies herself, the influence the show had on teens is undeniable.

Is it responsible for suicides?

Blaming the season for the suicide of teens is not fair. The question we should be asking ourselves is why did they commit suicide in the first place? Sometimes in some cases all the next person requires is a smile and that smile can change and save their life.

The main controversy that rose after the show aired was "the show is making suicide look glamorous, and it might threaten the Youth in so many ways". As a viewer of the show myself, I would never say that it gave a fantasy to the viewers. The controversial scene of Hannah committing suicide shouldn't have been added because of the sensitivity and the harshness it reflects.

It gave me nightmares as well but in no way did I fantasized my suicide.

Does the show take mental illness lightly?

Some critiques are blaming this season to have depicted suicide as a joke. I don't think that is fair at all, it showed the harsh aftermaths of committing suicide, it's painful, and your loved ones suffer after that because it doesn't end there.

The show creates awareness among teens as well as parents and adults. Bullying might be a defense mechanism for one person, but it is not justified by any means. The creators of the show managed to give a clear message on how much your words can mean to the next person.

Mental Health Foundation New Zealand chief executive Shaun Robinson revealed his anxiety over the production portraying death in a way that was reckless and threatening.

"It is important to discuss suicide but what is not appropriate is to raise these issues in a context of a lack of hope and to present the notion of someone taking their own life as inevitable or heroic or something to be emulated," he said.

Concluding Remarks:

All things aside in today's era media is the most efficient way of delivering your message, and the creators gave their message. But there should've been a proper screening of the scenes and the suicide scene should've been cut before the release. W e should start looking for real reasons of suicide before blaming it on any other awareness series that might come in.