Fredrik Eklund shared his first couple of surrogacy tries on "Million Dollar Listing New York, " and it was admirable to see him opening up about becoming a father on national television. He was clearly excited about the journey, as he had always picked himself becoming a father to a little brown-haired blue-eyed girl named Milla. It sounds like that dream is about to come true, as he is expecting twins via a surrogate this year. His husband shared the news on the season finale of "Million Dollar Listing New York," which was filmed in late April.

In other words, they could be as far along as 6 to 8 months.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is enjoying his Family Time with his husband and his stepson, who is visiting from London, England. The three are bonding, and one can imagine they are talking about the twins, who will be making an appearance later this year. While Kai won't be around for the birth of his siblings, one can imagine that they are planning a trip for him to come visit them after the birth has taken place. Eklund is over the moon about becoming a father, as the surrogacy journey hasn't been an easy one for him.

Already lost a few eggs

Of course, this journey hasn't been an easy one for Fredrik Eklund and his husband.

While Derek Kaplan wanted to continue with the pregnancy journey, Eklund was devastated after a few tries. He had high hopes every time, but was shocked and saddened when the doctors kept telling him that he would not become a father this time.

Fans have been very encouraging, and they kept trying to get him to continue. At one point, Fredrik hinted that he didn't want to try anymore and he was saddened by the fact that he would not be getting his daughter.

He was ready to quit and just become a professional success without children. It hurt to see Kai, as he really wanted children of his own.

Not sharing journey anymore?

On the previous seasons of "Million Dollar Listing: New York," Fredrik Eklund has shared everything about the journey. He filmed doctors appointments and even revealed who would be donating eggs.

However, this year he revealed that he wouldn't be sharing everyone on the show anymore and that his husband Derek would be taking over. One fan asked him if he would be sharing the birth and the twins on the show, as it had been inspirational for others in a similar situation.

"Will you be sharing details about your surrogacy experience or will it be kept private? It's nice for others in similar situations to know more about the process," one fan asked but didn't get an answer.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund's decision to hold back on the pregnancy journey? Do you think this is a private matter and should be kept as such?