Fredrik Eklund has been filming “Million Dollar Listing New York” for several years, as he’s one of the original real estate agents on the show. The show is all about selling the expensive real estate in New York City and the show follows three separate realtors as they manage several clients. However, the stars have opened up about personal struggles on the show, which is why it has been nominated for an Emmy twice. One of the stories on the show includes Fredrik’s desire to become a father and it has really stolen the hearts of many viewers.

Fredrik Eklund has already been through two losses

Last year when Fredrik was filming the show, he revealed that he and his husband Derek Kaplan tried to get pregnant twice via a surrogate. On the show, they shared their visit to the doctor’s office where they were told that the egg had not worked and that they were not pregnant. At the time, Fredrik really wanted to give up on the entire process and just become a career man with no child.

But it sounds like taking some time off has really helped, as he's now hinting that they may try to get pregnant once again.

In an interview with US Weekly, Fredrik revealed that he and his husband are indeed on their way to starting a family once again. But he ended the conversation quickly, possibly because of his contract with Bravo.

If they have indeed documented their surrogate journey on the show, he's not allowed to talk about it.

“We’re on our way now,” Eklund teased. “But I can’t say anything else. We are on our way. Things are changing now. I feel good.”

Could time and personal healing have influenced his decision?

Maybe he just needed some time off to rethink whether or not he really wanted a child.

Derek has a son with another woman. He helped a lesbian couple get pregnant with their son.

They live in England and sometimes they travel to go see him. As it turns out, this relationship may encourage Fredrik to try once again to get pregnant. If he does suffer another miscarriage, he may open up about it on “Million Dollar Listing New York."

Even though it wasn't in the first episode, it is possible that the producers are saving this emotional storyline for later episodes.

Either way, the possibility of seeing this unfold on upcoming episodes is sure to excite viewers moving forward.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund’s decision to try once again to have a baby? Do you think he and Derek should continue until they get pregnant?