"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the beginning of the week reveal that "DOOL" fans will be forced to say goodbye to Joey Johnson on Tuesday. Steve and Kayla's son has officially decided to turn himself in to the police for the murder of Ava Vitali. Ever since killing Ava, Joey has been a wreck, and he believes that coming clean and serving his punishment will ease his guilt and make things right again. Viewers can expect to see a lot of emotional scenes for the Johnson family this week as they bid farewell to Joey.

Joey says goodbye to friends and family

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Steve and Kayla will throw Joey a going away party where he will be able to see all of his Friends And Family one last time before heading to jail. "DOOL" viewers will see many people at the party such as Roman Brady, Claire Brady, and Theo Carver. Joey's half-brother, Tripp, will also be in attendance, and things will be a bit awkward since Tripp finally knows now that it was Joey that killed his mother, Ava. Tripp will be working hard to get back into the good graces of Steve and Kayla after his outburst and holding Kayla at knife point. However, he now has a better understanding of how Joey may have been able to snap and kill Ava.

Claire and Tripp get close

Meanwhile, "Days Of Our Lives" fans will see Claire get very distraught during Joey's going away party, and Tripp will be feeling pretty bad as well. The two will share an embrace that will rub Claire's ex-boyfriend, Theo, the wrong way. Theo will get a bit jealous after seeing the two together, and it seems that he may be wrestling with the feelings he has for Claire.

Will the two get back together, or could Claire eventually move on with Tripp? It seems that a possible new love triangle could be brewing, and with Ciara Brady reportedly on her way back to Salem for the holidays, things could be heating up for the teen scene in Salem.

Abe situation gets worse

As everyone is preparing to say goodbye to Joey, Abe Carver will be behind bars.

As "Days of our Lives" viewers will remember, Abe was arrested after evidence pointed to the fact that he may have been working with Dario Hernandez on his counterfeit money scheme. Abe maintains his innocence, and is furious that he's been put in jail for a crime he didn't commit. There are sure to be some twists and turns in this storyline as many "DOOL" fans believe that Commissioner Raines may actually be the person who was working with Dario, but only time will tell who the guilty party really is.