Eddie Judge has been a supportive partner to Tamra Judge over the past couple of years, as he has been with her through various ups and downs. He has been a support system for her, as she dealt with the parental alienation case, as she felt that her ex-husband Simon Barney kept Sidney away from her. He has also been there for her, as she tried to help her son Ryan with his own problems. And lastly, he has been her shoulder to cry on as she dealt with issues from "The Real Housewives of Orange County." It's no secret that Tamra has been furious with the rumors that Vicki Gunvalson helped spread that claim Eddie is gay.

According to a new Instagram post, Eddie Judge is now revealing that he's quite the family man. The post was shared by Tamra Judge and she reveals that Eddie is actually great friends with her daughter Sophia. Over the past couple of months, Tamra has been making headlines because of her troubled relationship with her oldest daughter Sidney. But when it comes to Sophia, it sounds like things are great.

A family man

In the photo shared by Judge, Eddie reveals that he can make fun of himself. When Sophia was getting ready to go back to school, it sounds like she may have gotten herself a new pair of pants. And that's when Eddie decided to make a joke.

"Eddie: why are your pants so High Sophia: they are called mom jeans Eddie: Should I wear my shorts like that?

Sophia: Oh God," Tamra wrote as a caption for the picture.

Perhaps some fans believe that Eddie isn't the family man that he is portrayed to be. Tamra Judge has revealed that he is indeed a great stepfather to her children, but he does keep his distance from the Sidney drama.

Family man and the gay rumors

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," fans see how Eddie Judge is focusing on the business with Tamra Judge and how he is stepping up to make sure that she has a successful business.

Fans don't see how he is a step-father to her children, as her kids are rarely featured on the show. This could be due to Simon's wishes to keep his children far away from the hit reality show, as he may have seen how children are often attacked by viewers, who see the show. Of course, Tamra Judge and Eddie thought about having children of their own, but they dropped the idea and focused on their business instead.

What do you think about Eddie Judge's role as a step-father? Are you surprised that he's joking around with Sophia so much and treating her as his own?