Perrie Edwards was performing her song "Shout Out to my Ex" at a gig when she changed the lyrics to deliberately refer to fellow artist Gigi Hadid. Fans of the model noticed this immediately and have rushed to the defense of Hadid online. Edwards is the ex-fiancé of Gigi's current boyfriend Zayn Malik and it appears that the singer is bitter towards her ex's new girlfriend.

Perrie Edwards subtly changed the lyrics

According to the Daily Mail, singer Perrie Edwards has publicly shaded fellow artist Gigi Hadid. The singer was performing a gig in New Zealand this weekend when she subtly changed some lyrics in one of her songs titled "Shout Out to my EX."

Perrie changed the lyrics from an ambiguous, hoping she ain't faking it, to lyrics which directly targeting Hadid by name.

Edwards fellow band member Jade Thirwall started laughing at the changed lyrics. Edwards became agitated with Thirwall and told her to stop laughing before joining in on the mockery herself.

According to the Mirror, Perrie Edwards is the ex-fiance of Zayn Malik who is currently dating Gigi Hadid. It is clear that Edwards is not over the split between her and Zayn who broke it off with her via text message. It has been several years since the couple was together but it appears that Perrie remains bitter about the way things ended.

The pair were together for four years before Zayn Malik proposed to Edwards. They were then engaged for a further two years before Malik broke it off over the phone.

Edwards has stated that it was an incredibly difficult time for her even though career wise everything was great.

Fans have rushed to Gigi's aid online

According to Teen Vogue, Gigi Hadid's fans have rushed to the singer's defense on social media. Her fans noticed the shade thrown by Perrie Edwards and have been commenting about Perrie's immaturity ever since.

Some comments include Perrie not realizing that she is no longer relevant in ex Zayn Malik's life.

Other fans are claiming that there was no lyric change in the song and this has cause fights between both fans of "Little Mix" and Gigi Hadid online. Some fans have been pleading for all the fighting to stop and that by commenting on the situation people are just making it worse.

However, it appears that few, if any, people have heard this advice as they continue to slander Edwards online. While Perrie's actions were, certainly immature one has to question if she deserves the amount of backlash she has been receiving. Gigi Hadid has yet to comment on the situation.