Last week, the "Hellboy" reboot from Neil Marshall added Ed Skrein to its cast. The news was met with much criticism, as the English actor was cast to play the role of Ben Daimio, who in the original "Hellboy" comics was a Japanese-American. A week later, Skrein once again took to social media to publish a note, writing that he stepped down from the role of Ben Daimio "so the role can be cast appropriately." The news was taken in stride by the producers of the upcoming film starring David Harbour. In fact, producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin told Deadline that Skrein approached them because he felt "very strongly" about the casting.

The producers proceeded to say that they "fully support his unselfish decision" and will ensure that they would be "consistent" in casting the actor for Ben Daimio.

Ed Skrein applauded by 'Hellboy' star and other actors

Ed Skrein's move to leave the "Hellboy" reboot after his faulty casting has earned praise from actors all over Hollywood. The film's main star, "Stranger Things" actor David Harbour, tweeted his support by acknowledging the public for airing their concerns over the casting. He wrote, "Hey internet. Thank you for your voices. An injustice was done and will be corrected." He proceeded to thank Ed Skrein "for doing what is right." Meanwhile, Asian actors Harry Shum Jr. of "Glee" and John Cho of "Star Trek" also expressed their support via Twitter.

Check out their tweets below.

Nicholas Hoult calls Ed Skrein 'honorable'

After departing the "Hellboy" reboot where he was initially cast as Ben Daimio, Ed Skrein received praise from both the media, moviegoers, and colleagues in the industry.

His friend and lookalike, Nicholas Hoult, recently spoke to The Wrap, saying that what Skrein did was "very honorable." Hoult, who appeared in the blockbuster "X-Men" franchise, admitted that "it's not an easy decision to make, because...we're trying to get work." Nonetheless, Hoult believes that what Skrein did was "important."

Who is Ben Daimio?

Ed Skrein's departure from the "Hellboy" reboot gives the producers a chance to cast someone who is ethnically closer and representative of who Ben Daimio truly is.

In the comics, Ben Daimio is an agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense or BPRD, and is a former soldier who led a group of U.S. Marines on a dangerous mission in Bolivia. Hollywood is teeming with Asian actors and actresses and it wouldn't be so difficult to find one who is talented and who would love to get on board the "Hellboy" reboot. The film is slated to begin filming this fall.