Taylor Swift, the American superstar, has been all over the news this week. This following the court Case between her and David Mueller. David Mueller, a DJ from Denver took Swift to court last week, claiming that she had falsely accused him. Mueller lost his job in 2013 after Swift said that he groped her while the two were taking a photo together.

Swift has been hailed as a hero in this case. Her fans have praised her for her bravery and for fighting against sexual harassment. Mueller however, has demanded $3 million in damages. The jury reached a conclusion on Monday.

And Mueller does not agree with the verdict!

The verdict

On Monday the 14th of August 2017, the jury made their decision. After a week of deliberation and questioning, the vote was unanimous. David Mueller was found guilty of sexually assaulting Taylor Swift. According to NME, Swift was thankful about the news. She told press in a statement that she appreciated all the effort that her legal team had put in. Swift believes that this case sets an important example. She hopes that it will give the victims of sexual harassment the confidence to come forward and take a stand. Swift accepted the symbolic $1 from Mueller and then went on to announce that she would be making donations to various charities that support the victims of sexual assault.

The radio DJ's statements

David Mueller has since spoken to the media about his feelings on the verdict. He spoke to CNN and told them that he is the real victim in this case. According to Mueller, he really stood no chance going up against someone as popular as Taylor Swift. But he says that he had to try because he wants his name cleared.

According to St. Louis Post Dispatch, Mueller maintains his innocence.

The former radio jockey claims that the case wasn't about the money, it was about clearing his name, once and for all. Which begs the question, why did he ask for $3 million if all he really wanted is a note declaring his innocence? Unfortunately for Mueller, the case went against him and he is now in an even worse situation than before.

Despite this, Mueller claims that he has nothing against women. According to CNN, Mueller has decided not to speak badly about Swift. He says that while the incident has ruined his life, he will show Swift the respect she deserves. And he will not stop working to prove his innocence. In fact, he is presently claiming that he has passed two polygraphs and that those should in fact be considered as well.

The future doesn't look too great for David Mueller. But hopefully his unfortunate circumstances will serve as a lesson to everyone else and will help to discourage sexual harassment in the work place!