Game of Thronesseason 7 episode 6 is now available all over the web after it was accidentally posted on the HBO Nordic and HBO España platforms for a “brief” moment. Of course, that time span was enough for a copy to be recorded and shared online for all to watch.

HBO Europe told the BBC that an unnamed contractor was responsible for the most recent blunder. Spokesperson Tom Krogsgaard Nielsen said the error appeared to have come from a third-party vendor. He said that the episode was later taken down and that the accidental leak was not connected to the hacking of HBO in the US.

HBO is currently beset by a hacking attack, which successfully breached its internal server and stolen 1.5TB of files. But the “Game of Thrones” episode leaks the network had experienced so far were due to its own partners' actions.

The fourth episode, The Spoils of War, was also accidentally posted before its airing date by Indian streaming website, Hotstar. Four people were arrested in connection with this leak, and the suspects are awaiting the filing of formal charges.

How the latest leak affects 'Game of Thrones' this time?

The penultimate episodes of “Game of Thrones” were much-anticipated part of the series since these were considered as big episodes if not the best episode of every season.

We saw Ned Stark’s beheading in season 1, the Battle of Blackwater Bay in season 2, the shocking Red Wedding in season 3, the Battle of Castle Black in season 4, Drogon saving Daenerys from the Sons of the Harpy in season 5, and the Battle of the Bastards in season 6.

This season's Episode 6 is no different with Jon Snow and his version of “Suicide Squad,” venturing North of the Wall to capture a wight and present it to Cersei.

Judging from the inescapable spoilers online, this penultimate episode will be epic just like the others.

Taking into consideration the previous leak of “Game of Thrones” episode 4 coupled with the leak of the alleged scripts of season 7, it would be logical to conclude that the ratings for the popular series will not be affected.

TV analysts point to the fact the “The Spoils of War,” despite being leaked, became the highest rated episode of "Game of Thrones," getting an estimated 10.16 million viewers. The record was then broken by the subsequent episode, Eastwatch, which obtained 10.72 million viewers. The script for this episode was also leaked on the web.

'Game of Thrones' loyal fan base

According to Nerdist News, “Game of Thrones” has already made a fan base, which has developed rituals with friends in watching the show. These fans also want the highest quality and experience possible. In spite of the leak, these die-hard viewers are expected to tune in on Sunday to watch the penultimate episode.