We have known Demi Lovato for her Disney performances back when she was still a teenager and a pop star that can nail the highest notes without fail. But the singer is also a normal person behind the scenes of her music videos as she talks about her condition.

Demi Lovato admits bipolar disorder struggles

Demi Lovato, her name has been known since her “Camp Rock” days or even before that, you might have been informed about her struggles with Bipolar Disorder including depression and bulimia. The songwriter has been through a lot, and it is such a spectacle to watch her perform and rise again.

Just recently, she released her new music video “Instruction”, a collaboration between her, British producer Jax Jones and rapper Stefflon Don. In a span of one week, it already garnered more than 8 million views.

The ‘Skyscraper’ singer responds to negativity

But the part-time actress cannot easily escape the labels that come before her name. After the release of her new song, Lovato elaborated that her disorder should not be her label saying: “It is something that I have, it is not who I am.” She then added how people should find the importance of action in the growing cases of mental health issues that everyone seems to be very scared to speak about.

This is not the first time that the songwriter spoke about mental illness though, she has been quite active when it comes to raising awareness along with other influential faces in Hollywood, and she uses her voice as a tool meant for other things aside from singing.

During the talk, Demi also opened up about the sudden death of her fellow musician Chester Bennington that struck Linkin’ Park’s fans hard. “It is a very unfortunate situation… but I know that maybe this will raise the topic into the conversation around mental illness and mental health and help somebody.” She said.

This year is marked to be special for Lovato since she is once again moving up the music charts, preparing to launch a new album – plus she has been five years sober.

(Congratulations Demi!)

Lovato has been collaborating with musicians with different backgrounds hoping to produce the right songs that would please her fans who have waited after the launch of her Confident album in 2015. This time around, she worked with the DJ trio Cheat Codes and their song “No Promises” have surely satisfied both of their listeners.

Demi Lovato and Cheat Code’s song peaked in major charts around the world including the 6th spot in Billboard’s US Hot Electronic Songs. Let us wait for more of Demi before the year ends!