Zedd and Selena Gomez made our hearts flutter when they teased us with their rumored romance on social media. In January 2015, the "Bad Liar" singer was the first to upload a photo that linked her to the "Clarity" artist. These rumors were fueled when Zedd took to his Instagram to share a photo of the singer.

Inside Selena and Zedd's relationship

In the wake of dating rumors, Zedd recalled his first meeting with Selena Gomez which led to their first collaboration. He said that he was out buying things for his house when he felt the need to use the bathroom.

He was then told by his manager to use the bathroom inside a nearby studio where the female singer was then working.

Selena Gomez, on the other hand, gushed about her rumored beau and praised the DJ for his beautiful eyes and for being sweet and funny. She added that their first meeting happened "organically" and opened an opportunity for them to work together.

Several months later, the EDM artist opened up about his struggle in dealing with scandals that come from being linked to the popular singer. Zedd explained that he was never involved in controversies and recalled how people used to talk about him for his music and nothing else.

The "Hands to Myself" artist later confirmed her relationship with Zedd when Diplo claimed that their romance was just for show.

Selena Gomez was quick to counter this allegation and slammed the record producer for talking about her personal life.

"First off, It's very interesting that Diplo would think he knew about my personal life, but he doesn't," she countered. "I adore Anton [Zedd] a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice."

Her statements came after Diplo called Selena Gomez and Zedd's relationship "fake" and accused both artists of doing it to sell records.

It is worth noting that the female singer was featured in the EDM artist's hit song, "I Want You To Know," released in March 2015.

Zedd's relationship with Selena

Zedd and Selena Gomez reportedly broke up two months after their collaborative song was released. And two years later, the DJ finally broke his silence about his short-lived romance with the singer.

“I kind of knew what I was getting myself into,” he said, referring to the excessive media attention he was getting that time.

“Reporters were calling my parents. People were hacking my friends’ phones. I was pissed. She is one of the most talked about people in the world, but I had no idea how much that would change my life," he recalled.