Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson may have decided not to continue their journey in "Bachelor in Paradise" after the scandal, but their short-lived stay on the show will be shown when the new season premieres on August 14. It can be recalled that the ABC program was mired in a huge controversy over an alleged misconduct on the set.

The parties involved, Olympios and Jackson, reportedly engaged in a steamy make-out session while the cameras were rolling. The filming of the all-new season in Mexico was immediately halted while the alleged on-set misconduct was being investigated.

'Bachelor in Paradise' caught up in huge scandal

Olympios claimed that she was the "victim" of the scandal, while Jackson was confident that the video footage of the incident would clear his name from the controversy. A few days later, "Bachelor in Paradise" was given the go signal to resume the filming after the investigation found no signs of on-set misconduct.

Chris Harrison, in an interview with EW, said they will address the whole controversy when "Bachelor in Paradise" opens a few days from now. He added that the scandal would be dealt right away to avoid further damage. The host explained that scandal would affect the entire season if they do not do something about it.

He went on to confirm that the opening episode will feature everyone on the show, including the two outcasts, Olympios and Jackson.

Harrison explained that the filming had been rolling for three days before the scandal came out. Hence, they have decided to show what took place during those days before the temporary shutdown of the production.

Olympios, Jackson to appear on the show

The "Bachelor in Paradise" host, however, clarified that they would not include the incident that had caused the controversy.

Harrison continued that he will walk the viewers through what happened on the set, explain significant points about the controversy, and show what happened in the secluded paradise. He also claimed that it is important for them to be transparent about the incident and let the audience judge for themselves.

He even confirmed that they would also show Carly and Evan's wedding aside from Olympios and Jackson's interaction on the set.

The host guaranteed that the viewers would "see more than enough" to show them what the contestants were up to when they arrived on the island.

Catch the return of "Bachelor in Paradise" on August 14 only on ABC.