The "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for August 14 to August 18, 2017, will provide some updates regarding the huge events from last week. Abby patches things up with Chad while Marlena finally reached John's phone.

On Monday, Aug. 14, "Days of Our Lives" picks up after Marlena duped her monitor. Finding a mobile phone might be the key to getting out of the asylum. Soaps She Knows reported that she may have a chance to ask for her husband's help.

The couple has a lot of things to talk about especially given that Hattie successfully impersonated her in the last few episodes of the soap opera drama.

However, it won't be easy for them to patch things up as the fake Marlena broke up with John who even consulted her son for advice. They actually had a conversation about the weird changes that happened to "Marlena" recently.

Tripp asks for forgiveness

Tripp is set to redeem himself from the dangerous hostage incident on "Days of Our Lives." Last week, he heard Kayla and Steve fighting over Joey's upcoming imprisonment after confessing that he was actually Ava's killer. Kayla didn't want her son go to jail and she thinks it was all Steve's fault.

Steve tried getting her back as he realized that he shouldn't have brought Tripp with him. According to him, they should at least ask for a plea deal for Joey but she wasn't happy about it.

Meanwhile, Tripp told Claire that he wanted to move on and leave all of his problems in Salem.

Rafe and Hope to hunt for Dario

Rafe and Hope are now near to finding out more details about Dario and his criminal case. It won't be easy especially as Eli won't cooperate with them. Rafe thinks of going to Mexico to continue his search for the drug lord.

Hope fears for her lover's safety but Rafe assures her that nothing wrong can happen. On the Aug. 16 episode, he might not even waste his time and go to Mexico because Eli shared that the suspect is, in fact, hiding in Salem.

She's not Bonnie, Adrienne reveals

Another "DOOL" character will have a huge problem after someone began impersonating her.

Hattie and Bonnie have been acing their missions so far. The two were seen enjoying their recent wins which endangered Marlena and Adrienne's romantic relationships. Hattie broke up with John and Bonnie dropped the bomb on Lucas.

Just like Marlena, Adrienne will wake up while trapped inside a foreign place. Marlena is now a patient inside an asylum while Adrienne will know that she's in prison.

What's next for Sonny and Chad

The last episode for this week's "Days of Our Lives" will also conclude the criminal case regarding Deimos' death. Chad previously revealed that they were both involved in it but Sonny cannot remember the details clearly. Chad shares that they must find the secret amulet in order find the real killer.

Will John see through Hattie and her lies? How about Bonnie? Can Rafe and Hope find Dario on time? What will happen to Chad and Sonny?