Without any doubts, the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super" was one of the best televised so far. The alliance between Son Goku and Hit to fight the warriors of Universe 11 was one of the most emblematic moments of the series, one that we will not soon forget. Also, a new soundtrack was officially introduced.

What caught the attention the most about the episode was Goku’s ability known as Simultaneous Transformation. This skill allows the Saiyan to switch between the Super Saiyan God stage and the Super Saiyan Blue one in the blink of an eye, to better fit any combat situations.

Alliance between Hit and Goku

To the fandom, the alliance between the warriors of Universes 6 and 7 was a critical occurrence in the last episode, since we’ve been able to see the strategic evolution of both warriors to defeat a common enemy; Universe 11. To achieve this, Goku was forced into the Super Saiyan God Red stage.

And also, it was also officially confirmed that the Super Saiyan God transformation is a lower tier than the Super Saiyan God Blue one, and thus it requires less ki to sustain itself. If you read the manga, then you will perfectly know that this ability was previously used by Vegeta in the battle against Zamasu.

Techniques seen only in the manga?

Taking into consideration that the anime is slowly assimilating little details from the paper edition of the franchise, we can pretty much be sure that we will see many more events previously seen only in the manga.

An example of this could be Goku’s Super Saiyan Full Power, although we are more confident in seeing the Super Saiyan Blue empowered by the Kaioken technique.

Vegeta’s possible new transformation

There is also the chance that we will see the Prince of the Saiyans using the simultaneous transformation yet again. According to the official animator of “Dragon Ball Super,” we will soon witness a battle between Vegeta and Hit.

It is still unknown who will end victorious, but it is very likely that the Saiyan will use the simultaneous transformation in this battle since he will be in need of the speed boost obtained by this technique to match Hit’s Time Skip.

On the contrary to Goku and Dyspo, Vegeta will surely use all his strength against his opponent.

For now, that’s all the information we have about this series. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available, and tune into the next episode of "DBS" to find out what will happen next in the Tournament of Power.